How & Why Hypnotherapy Works

When you come to see me the first session will take around an hour. I’ll take you to my ‘Hypno. room’ and we’ll have a chat about the issues with which you would like help. You will make yourself comfortable on the sofa and I’ll draw the curtains and put on some relaxing music and begin the hypnotherapy.

I will use an ‘induction’ and you will feel lovely and relaxed and be in a ‘trance-like’ state although you won’t actually feel or notice anything different. Your brain waves will change from the normal Beta waves of being awake to Alpha or Theta waves which, MRI & EEGs have shown, reduce the activity of your conscious mind and opens you unconscious mind. It is your unconscious mind that controls breathing, heart rate etc plus bad and good habits (like typing or driving a car without really thinking), and it is the bad habits/thinking that I will replace with good suggestions. Once the session is over people usually feel quite serene and content.

Each session after that will usually take just under an hour in total. The number of sessions required varies tremendously. For example, I resolved a fear of flying in one session yet for losing weight I suggest an 8 sessions package (depending on how much weight you would like to lose). The first few sessions are, ideally, weekly and then we will tailor it around your circumstances. I will record the sessions so that you can listen to them in between our meetings, so if you have an iphone or a device with a voice recorder on it please bring it, otherwise I will email the recording to you or put it on a CD, at no extra cost, whichever you prefer. Each time you come we will discuss how you got on the previous week and I’ll tailor the session to overcome any problems you face and/or give boosts where necessary.

With hypnotherapy there are three important points, firstly, you must really want to solve your issues, secondly you must truly surrender yourself to hypnosis and most importantly, you must be prepared to look after yourself and do what is necessary; which includes listening to the recordings.

If you have any questions please feel free to call as I would be very happy to have a chat or you can email if you prefer, or if I have answered everything and you would like to make an appointment please let me know when it is convenient for you. I would be grateful if you could complete and return the following 3 documents before our first session:

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