Hypnotherapy and/or Counselling could help you

If you feel that life could be improved then now is the time to take the first step. Together we can work towards removing the barriers that have held you back and have stopped you enjoying life to the full whether it be through Hypnotherapy, Counselling or a combination.

Our mind controls our physical, mental and emotional well-being. If you want to lose weight, stop smoking, reduce stress, improve your life in some way and feel better, in fact anything that your mind controls then I could help you make the changes you want.

If you, your son or daughter gets anxious about school, nervous ahead of exams, interviews or auditions don’t let it spoil their chances; hypnotherapy, counselling and/or mentoring can help bring calm and rational focus into their life.

If you prefer virtual or Live too far away? I offer Zoom too.

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About me

I’ve now lost about 7 stones in weight via hypnosis, after being overweight for decades. It worked for me, so it can very likely work for you.

A Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Coach I trained with the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in London. I am a qualified Counsellor and have been DBS checked for my role as a ChildLine counsellor & for my previous role as school Governor. Continue

“As a G.P….I found the tailor-made sessions with Karen relaxing and enjoyable…helped me achieve the right frame of mind to maintain weightloss, so far 12lbs over 4 weeks.”

Dr KC, Abridge

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