Just the one after work…leads to another and another, a drink to unwind when you get home…and then finish the bottle, binge drinking at the weekend; if you find that you are not completely in control of your drinking and would like to be then I can help you with a Hypnotherapy programme to aid you in stopping drinking altogether, using Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and complementary reading material.

After Hypnotherapy you will feel in control and empowered and be able to enjoy social occasions feeling relaxed.

Karen, thank you for guiding me into a new way of looking at my life. After 30 years of having a really good buddy called booze, I’m now considering him far worse than a ‘frienemy’, which I never thought possible. Each day, at a time, with the support of your recordings and your recommended book, I see light ahead of me and not darkness. I feel an inner strength I did not expect to have so soon into this process. Now, its time for me to continue my journey and self reflection.
Through the recordings, I’ll feel your remote support along the way. However, I’ll miss our sessions and of course, the comfy chair!

Chris (42)  Hainault

Dear Karen
It’s been three months now since I last had a drink and we started my life changing program, apologies if that sounds rather dramatic but it actually is. You have changed my life completely. I know you say it’s a joint effort but without you it would never have happened. And for that I’m truly great full.
When I first came to see you for a consolation I was dipping my toe in the water regarding giving up the alcohol. I think the first thing I said is I’d lose so many friends. I haven’t lost them I just haven’t the patients to be around them when they are drunk.
Drinking was a massive part of my life for such a long time I didn’t know if I’d cope. Looking back I wonder how I did cope with the heavy drinking. The destruction it was causing in so many areas of my life for so many years, I’m amazed I’m still here in all honesty. And I’m amazed how friends and family actually had the patience to put up with me.
With your help it wasn’t a quick fix it was a wonderful journey on taking a good hard look at myself and getting to know like and respect myself.
It wasn’t intense it was just being honest with myself and taking a look at where I was heading. I looked forward to our sessions and Iv missed not seeing you. You never judged me and I never shocked you I shed heaps of tears and told you my worst fears.
And look at me now changed diet I’m at the gym and a part time job.
I never considered myself a alcoholic but I had a drink problem for sure otherwise why did I visit you? Obviously needed a push in the right direction.
I could go on and on as I can get carried away once I start blogging.
I just wanted to let you know and for you to put this on your website to let people know I’m living proof of how amazing you truly are. Myself and my family thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Love and best wishes

Jacky (57) Loughton

Greetings from Jeddah , Karen . Just thought I’d share that I’ve just tried on a new work skirt I’ve been unable to wear & its been lying in my bag , it’s is now too loose . ????I’m still not my goal weight . But happy in the direction I’m going . Still not drinking I’m about to order new uniform ! ????thanks for the part you play/played X

Morag (48) Air-hostess Hockley 

“Good morning Karen
Just to keep you posted I’m doing so well in myself with the drinking and eating feeling so positive in both areas… You have helped me come a long way my darling I know it’s early days three weeks Monday no drink and it’s truly not a problem I’m amazed along with the rest of my family and friends. When Iv given up before the craving was always there, it just dies not enter my head now.
I seriously can’t thank you enough you will never know the trouble and states Iv got myself into over the years totally ashamed of myself all through drink. Disgraceful behaviour if only I’d found you years ago.
Anyway onwards and upwards.
Enjoy your weekend see you Wednesday I look forward to our sessions I said you would have me for a wile 😂
Jacky xxx”

Jacky (57) Woodford Green

‘I would like to thank you so much for helping me Karen, although I came to you to help me stop drinking, which I have achieved, there have been some other massive benefits too. My stress levels have improved so much, I’m just not angry any more and I now sleep so deeply, when I wake up I feel so refreshed, that never happened before. I am so grateful, you have improved my life so much, thank you.’
Anna (37)  Woodford Green

“I’m really pleased as I didn’t think it would work so quickly, I just don’t fancy drinking alcohol any more. It crossed my mind once that I might fancy a beer but then it passed, it has been so easy, thank you very much.”

Jay, Ilford

‘Hi Karen, I am good. I quit drinking, not struggling at all. I am getting better day by day. Eating good….All because of you’

Fehmina, Erith 

“As you know I came to you to successfully stop smoking last year and more recently to stop drinking, again with brilliant success and I wanted to let you know that I had a check up with the doctor last week and my blood pressure is normal after years of having high blood pressure – I’m so pleased”

Sharon, Essex

“Hi Karen, it has been over a month now since I first came to you, I wasn’t an alcoholic, I never woke up and wanted a drink, for example but I found myself drinking wine far too regularly and sometimes, once I started I couldn’t stop. I would often act in a way I wasn’t happy with and also forgot what I said and did. Now all that has changed, I no longer drink and, better still, I just don’t fancy a drink either. I can go out to social events and it doesn’t bother me that everyone else is slowly getting sloshed! Thank you so much, I feel liberated; I am enjoying a sense of freedom and it is great.”

Jane (not her real name), Chigwell

“I’ve been pretty good since Thursday. Listened to you again last night and have been reading the book. Haven’t had anything to drink, although I have thought about it a lot, part of me wants to, but the thought of actually drinking it makes me feel sick… does feel strange not having anything tonight I must admit.  However, I went shopping today and didn’t even consider buying myself anything…

Tracey, Buckhurst Hill

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