Anxiety / Stress

That horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach, maybe your heart races or you hyperventilate, you know in your conscious mind that it is irrational but there seems to be nothing you can do about it. Usually there is a trigger that causes this and probably you try to avoid putting yourself in vulnerable situations; it can start to control your life and actually makes the problem worse.

Or are you forever chasing and never have enough time? Stress pervades all areas of life whether it be too much pressure at work or never ending jobs at home and family responsibilities. The release of the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol is natural fight or flight response to stress but we don’t need to run away from a Sabre-toothed tiger these days. Elevated cortisol levels interfere with learning and memory, lower immune function and bone density, increase weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease.

Is Hypnotherapy or Counselling for you?

After analysing your Representational System, i.e. how your mind processes and stores information to ensure the most effective form of communication, Hypnotherapy can help re-programme your unconscious mind to calm these thoughts, remove the trigger and change the negative patterns making you feel calm, relaxed and in control. Counselling can help you look at things from a different angle and get a new prospective on your thoughts.


‘I would like to thank you so much for helping me Karen, although I came to you to help me stop drinking, which I have achieved, there have been some other massive benefits too. My stress levels have improved so much, I’m just not angry any more and I now sleep so deeply, when I wake up I feel so refreshed, that never happened before. I am so grateful, you have improved my life so much, thank you.’
Anna (37)  Woodford Green 07.04.17

 “When I first came to you I was in a terrible state I was scared, there was terror inside me all of the time, I felt sick, I was just swept over with negative thoughts and feelings. My heart would race and I felt I couldn’t breathe, it felt like a claustrophobia in my mind and my nerves were jittery. But now I am sleeping so much better and I feel ‘normal’ again. I feel so much happier within myself and my friends have noticed the difference. I am back to my old self; I feel I have got my personality back and I now love going to the gym, it is such a huge change, thank you so much.”

Chloe (20), Loughton 03.02.17

“I am feeling so much better, thank you Karen. Often, I would panic in crowded places but last weekend I went to Faces (nightclub) and didn’t feel that usual fear, I didn’t get the sweaty hands or racing heart, it was great, such a relief. Also, I’ve felt confident enough to do what I want and not just agree to things to please people, I’m feeling good, thank you.”
Olivia (21), Wanstead 11.01.17

“Hi Karen, I’ve been good I’ve stopped smoking, it’s six weeks now and my anxiety has completely changed, thank you for all your help.”

Jodie, Waltham Abbey 30.11.16

‘Feel quite happy, relaxed and refreshed after listening to the recording’

David, Woodford Green 18.06.16

‘All anxiety has gone. I listen to the audio every night usually twice a night…What you have done for me is amazing not only has my anxiety gone but my emotions have come back I can now move forward with my life, thanks to you.’

Paul, Chadwell Heath 17.06.16

‘Hi Karen, Little update. Played tennis Mon and today feel a little better. Sleep much better.””[1 week later] “Hi Karen, I felt the most calm last night and had a good night’s sleep despite a disturbance during the night when a drunk rang on the doorbell, I felt calm and let it all wash over me. Still feel good now. I look forward to the new me!”

Andy, Chigwell 14.06.16

“Feel really good actually, and I’m not just saying that to reassure you, I’m eating really well, studying really well, so I feel very focused and motivated. And I haven’t had any anxiety or any lows on at least a week which is strange but good…thank you”

Tooba (16), Erith 31.05.16

“I am feeling so good now Karen, thank you. It is so great having a good night’s sleep at last and I have been waking up in the morning feeling really motivated to study. I’ve just got straight to revising and I’m actually really enjoying it. The anxiety has just disappeared, it feels like a miracle. I had been carrying it around for so long it almost feels strange to no longer feel anxious, it is such a relief.

Georgia (17), Buckhurst Hill 02.04.16

“I am so pleased with the results of my 3 sessions of Hypnotherapy . I was suffering from insomnia and anxiety,  felt constantly tired as well as stressed and anxious most of the time. I am an aspiring actress and also found auditions nerve racking. Now all that has changed. I now sleeps well every night. At my audition on Saturday I felt totally calm with no nerves and was totally in the zone and gave best performance. I didn’t worry about anyone around watching me perform and just felt very relaxed. In life generally I now feel relaxed, and so very relieved, I can hardly believe the transformation. One very happy lady”

Odette, Chigwell 19.01.16

 “I was feeling miserable and anxious and I didn’t want to spend my life feeling like that. You have really helped Karen, I listen to the CD every morning and it really helps. I am so much happier now, thank you very much.”

Maria (not her real name), Buckhurst Hill 18.01.16

“I’m very good thanks. Had a brilliant Christmas. Am very active and busy. Sleeping very well. Using the tape. All good.”

Sarah (not her real name), Hainault 07.01.1616

“Margaret had her first Hypnotherapy session for anxiety about a week ago and said “Hi Karen, I can’t believe how much better I feel. See you on Monday. Thank you so much. I listen to the CD every day, it really help.x

Margaret, Buckhurst Hill 02.01.16

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