Bad Habits

All habits, whether good or bad, are managed in our unconscious for example, you don’t need to think about breathing, driving a car or typing on a keyboard, they are engrained habits in your brain.

Hypnotherapy works on any unwanted habit that you do without even thinking, whether it be caused by stress or just because you have always done it. By accessing and communicating with your unconscious mind using Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy can help you become liberated from your habit.

“Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for encouraging me to do this and for your help with it all. And I will recommend you to others as you have really helped me xx”

Karen, Hainault  (Smoker since 14 years old)

“I came to see Karen last year but…didn’t follow her instructions and so I didn’t really benefit from our initial sessions. Then, however, after hearing about how Karen helped a friend give up smoking and chocolate I decided to see Karen again – this time to help me give up crisps and I’m absolutely delighted to say that I have followed Karen’s easy instructions and have now kicked the habit”

Iream, Ilford

“Two weeks ago I came to you and still haven’t had chocolate, not that I haven’t thought about it. …I haven’t missed a night of listening to your recording…Thank you.”

Brenda, Woodford Green

Hypnotherapy £100 per session, payable when booking your appointment

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