Confidence & Self Esteem

Maybe you dread meeting new people or always believe other people are better than you; maybe you feel inferior or bad? A lack of confidence or self esteem can hold you back from realising your full potential whether it is in your career or personal life. Using Hypnotherapy I can help you make changes to the image of yourself in your unconscious mind so that your self-perception improves and gives you confidence to face the world. Counselling can help you look at things form a different angle and get a new prospective on your thoughts.

Young People


Being a teenager is not always easy with school and peer pressure creating stress and anxiety. Some young people experience a lack of confidence and find GCSEs, AS, A levels and University applications daunting prospects.


Mentoring helps the young person gain confidence and gives them the best chance of achieving their potential, it takes the form of regular sessions, maybe monthly where I help the young person prepare for the approaching demands, aiding them to cultivate a calm, focussed approach ensuring time planning is considered, revision is in hand and life has the right balance. I will help prepare for university applications in good time giving the opportunity for the young person to reach his or her full potential. All of this fosters feelings of confidence and security thus helping the young person to succeed and remain happy.

“I have had several hypnotherapy sessions with Karen. After establishing what I wanted to achieve, she tailor-made the sessions for my requirements. The sessions were relaxing, and the amazing thing was the positive feelings stayed with me. I was not aware on a conscious level why I felt positive, but I simply felt more positive and good about myself.”

Yasmine, South Woodford

Yasmine landed a new job after her sessions.

“Whenever I leave after a session with Karen I am ready to take on the world. I have found inner strength and positivity and feel I can tackle anything and anyone” 

Hazel, Ongar

Hypnotherapy, Counselling or Mentoring £100 per session.

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