Should I have Hypnotherapy or Counselling?

If  you need to change the way you thinking or acting for the positive then Hypnotherapy or Counselling could help. During Counselling I will encourage you to understand and express your thoughts and feelings, help process and I will guide you find your own solutions. With Hypnotherapy, once you have talked about your issue and I fully understand what you would like to achieve I will induce a hypnotic trance and help make the desired changes in your unconscious mind.

Can you help my husband, daughter, sister, friend etc?

I can only help someone if they truly want to solve their issue, they must be fully open to hypnotherapy or counselling and be prepared to do the homework which, in the case of hypnotherapy includes listening to the personal recording that I will make.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state that you probably experience quite frequently, for example, when you are daydreaming or stirring awake at the weekend and you know what is going on around you but you feel completely relaxed and comfortable.

MRI & EEGs have shown that the electrical activity of your conscious mind reduces and your unconscious mind heightens. It is your unconscious mind that controls breathing, heart rate etc plus bad and good habits (like typing or driving a car without really thinking), and it is the bad habits/thinking that I will replace with good suggestions.

Will I be able to be hypnotised?

A lot of people think they are too strong-willed to be hypnotised, the opposite is true, the more willing, the better. As long as you are open then you will be able to be hypnotised although everyone’s response is slightly different, unless one of the contraindications below applies to you.

Who cannot be hypnotised?/Contraindications

Children under 8 years of age are too young. Children between 8-15 years of age will benefit from a more of a counselling approach due to the developmental stage of their brain.

Those suffering from severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Dementia, or a Drug dependency  should not be hypnotised. If you are under the influence of alcohol at the time I will not hypnotise you.

How will I feel when I am under?

Everyone feels differently, some people just feel relaxed others feel like they are in a dream-like state. For many the 30 minutes in trance feels like a few minutes. Some people remember every word, the majority drift in and out and others forget everything consciously. So far, 100% of my clients say they enjoy the experience.

Will I lose control?

No, you will not lose control. You will not act like a chicken! You are able to awaken whenever you need or want to.

You will not be made to do anything you don’t want to; it is not possible, your unconscious mind will dismiss anything that is not for you.

We will agree, beforehand, on what you want to achieve and all suggestions will be made with that outcome in mind.

Do I have to come to you?

If you live too far away or I don’t want to travel I offer ZOOM sessions too.

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