Fear of Flying

Are your holidays spoilt by that awful feeling of dread at the thought of a flight? Do you worry about the type of plane, how long the flight may last, the taking off, the landing just being in the air? Do you know you are safer in the air than in a car but just cannot help the way you feel? 

Using Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy can make all of that a thing of the past. Your unconscious mind will be re-programmed and guided through a safe and secure scenario so that you feel completely calm from the time of booking the ticket, to checking in, the flight and landing. You will no longer start to worry about the flight home towards the end of your holiday in fact you will now find yourself feeling quite serene.

“I was so scared of flying I couldn’t even book a flight, since seeing you I’ve booked the flights for a big holiday and feel fine about it. It is such a relief, thank you Karen”

Hazel, Buckhurst Hill

“I approached Karen because of a fear of flying which took the enjoyment out of my holidays. Karen helped me and after just one visit I found that I now fly completely relaxed without any worry at all. I found the whole experience amazing .Karen was wonderful and I would definitely recommend her.”

Nicola, Chelmsford 


Hypnotherapy £100 per session   

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