Free initial ‘phone consultation.
Hypnotherapy, Counselling or Mentoring £85 per session.

Sessions last around 1 hour.

Live too far away?    FaceTime/Skype sessions available too.

Weightloss package:

8 session package £600

Not sure know if hypnotherapy is for you?

Why not have one session (£85) and if you like it you can upgrade to a package at your second session (and just pay the top up amount of £515 for the package).

Or, if you prefer you can just pay the individual session fee as you go along.

Stop Smoking Programme:

3 session programme £230

You can pay by cash, cheque or directly into the bank account. (Sorry, no cards)

Vouchers available:

£25, £50, £75, ‘Stop Smoking Programme’ &  Weightloss Package

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