Do you find that you fall asleep easily enough because you are tired but then wake about 4am and cannot get back to sleep? Or do you find that you cannot relax enough to fall asleep because you are worrying about everything?

These thoughts that keep you awake are coming from your unconscious mind. Using Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming in analysing your Representational System, i.e. how your mind processes and stores information to ensure the most effective form of communication, Hypnotherapy can help re-programme your unconscious mind and can calm these thoughts and change the negative patterns and alleviate the fear of not being able to sleep allowing you to enjoy a wonderful, refreshing deep sleep until it is time to wake up.

‘It has been so easy to quit smoking, I have had no urge to smoke at all, the thought of a cigarette popped into my mind but then disappeared as quickly as it came. It is amazing, I have been out with friends who smoke and it hasn’t bothered me at all. And, as an added bonus I am sleeping so much better, I had only been getting around 3 hours sleep but since I have been coming to you I now sleep 7 to 8 hours a night and I feel so much better for it, thank you.’

Deepak (54), Woodford Green

‘I would like to thank you so much for helping me Karen, although I came to you to help me stop drinking, which I have achieved, there have been some other massive benefits too. My stress levels have improved so much, I’m just not angry any more and I now sleep so deeply, when I wake up I feel so refreshed, that never happened before. I am so grateful, you have improved my life so much, thank you.’
Anna (37)  Woodford Green

“Hi Karen, I’m very well thanks having just got back from a hols in Spain. Sleeping well, which is great…thank you Karen you have been a wonderful help and I am sure I will be back when I need a ‘top up’. Enjoy your weekend.”

Sharon, Buckhurst Hill

‘Hi Karen, Little update. Played tennis Mon and today feel a little better. Sleep much better.””[1 week later] “Hi Karen, I felt the most calm last night and had a good night’s sleep despite a disturbance during the night when a drunk rang on the doorbell, I felt calm and let it all wash over me. Still feel good now. I look forward to the new me!”

Andy, Chigwell

“I am feeling so good now Karen, thank you. It is so great having a good night’s sleep at last and I have been waking up in the morning feeling really motivated to study. I’ve just got straight to revising and I’m actually really enjoying it. The anxiety has just disappeared, it feels like a miracle. I had been carrying it around for so long it almost feels strange to no longer feel anxious, it is such a relief.”

Georgia (17), Buckhurst Hill

“I am so pleased with the results of my 3 sessions of Hypnotherapy . I was suffering from insomnia and anxiety, felt constantly tired as well as stressed and anxious most of the time. I am an aspiring actress and also found auditions nerve racking. Now all that has changed. I now sleeps well every night. At my audition on Saturday I felt totally calm with no nerves and was totally in the zone and gave best performance. I didn’t worry about anyone around watching me perform and just felt very relaxed. In life generally I now feel relaxed, and so very relieved, I can hardly believe the transformation. One very happy lady”

Odette (18), Chigwell

“Morning Karen. Well I went to sleep after listening to the tape. Felt very relaxed. I woke up to the sound of a fox screeching in the garden, hubby coughing like crazy with his bloody ‘man flu’. I felt cross until I looked at the clock – 7am!! I have never slept through the night since I was a child. Happy happy Friday xxx”

Lisa, Chigwell

“For years I have suffered from insomnia, sometimes I would get a few hours sleep, sometimes I would lay awake, dip into sleep for a couple of minutes then wake up again, usually I would fall asleep around 6am when I was due to get up. It left me feeling exhausted during the day. After the Hypnotherapy I now go to sleep easily and sleep all the way through, it is amazing and I feel so much better.

Pearl, Buckhurst Hill. 26.11.15

Hypnotherapy £100 per session.

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