Letting go

Maybe there is a relationship you had in the past that is now over but still torments you. Do you find that you cannot let it go and are irrationally obsessive about it? Perhaps a family member has hurt you or done you an injustice and you cannot forgive them.

Hanging on to these thoughts hurts you more than them. You could feel so much better in yourself if you could just draw a line under the past, let go and move on. Hypnotherapy can release the triggers that cause you so much pain and help you view the past in a different light, lessen the angst it causes and give you a calm and relaxed view of life.

“Hi Karen, I have been a lot more positive; something is definitely different; haven’t been obsessing over things half as much. I actually enjoyed my weekend for a change instead of going over and over stuff. Have been listening everyday to the tape…listening to the tape really helps me…I cannot change someone else, only myself”

Kelly, Upminster

Hypnotherapy £100 per session.

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Letting Go

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