So many problems that we suffer from originate in our mind. Our mind controls our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Anything that your mind controls then Hypnotherapy or Counselling can help you with and make the changes you want. There are no drugs involved, Hypnotherapy is perfectly safe and is the most natural way to bring about desired change with no negative side effects.

If you believe changing the way you think about something would help you then Hypnotherapy or Counselling can help you.

Fear of heights

“As you know I am a lorry driver and when I first came to you I was so scared of heights and bridges that I hadn’t been able to cross the QE2 bridge for about 10 years; I had been driving miles out of my way and adding hours to my day. I would say I was 20% of being able to cross the Dartford bridge, since seeing you all that has changed, I crossed it every day last week. I still felt a little bit but nothing like the racing heart, sweaty palms and horrible feeling in my gut that I used to get, I now think of those feelings as excitement, excitement at being able to drive across the bridge. I would say that I am now 70% of feeling comfortable crossing the bridge. I thought I would never be able to drive across, but thanks to you, I have.”

Dean (50), Loughton 13.05.17

Hypnotherapy £100 per session

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