Pain Management/Skin Complaints/Itching

If you are suffering from any sort of pain or have itching/skin complaints you should seek advice from your doctor to rule out as much as possible. Hypnosis is not a miracle cure; it cannot fix a broken bone. Like many things pain is a signal from your brain; if you have a pain or an itchy skin complaint which the medical profession cannot find the cause (or the cause is stress) or a solution, or if you have had the cause diagnosed and just have to live with it then Hypnotherapy can help you manage the pain. Pain is only registered once the message from the affected area reaches the brain, the same goes for itching; Hypnotherapy can re-programme your unconscious mind to minimise the perception of pain or help reduce the urge to itch, making you feel calmer and more at ease. 

There are numerous cases of people being hypnotised to feel no pain before undergoing surgery.

“Hey Karen, yeah I’m been really good thank you, revising hard…..My eczema has really cleared up.”

Rayne (18), Woodford Green

“Hi Karen, Still scratching a bit but certainly not as bad as it was, thanks. [2 weeks later] “Hi Karen, am feeling relaxed ad much less itchy thanks. No longer have the daily cycle so will try to reduce the medication I’m on gradually to see how it goes. I’d like to come off both sets of meds.” [2 weeks on] “Do you know what? I hardly itch at all now. I’ve halved m antihistamines and aim to get down to one a day (my normal dose for summer) and I’m often only moisturising once a day. Next stop is giving up the amatryptiline! Dead impressed”

Mary, Buckhurst Hill

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