Well, I could go on and on about procrastination….. (joke) but it doesn’t feel like a joke, does it? You have every intention of getting on with the job be it, studying, a project, sorting out household finances, it could be anything but you find yourself doing everything except the task in hand. You hope it will just go away and disappear but it doesn’t, of course, and just builds in your mind…lurking, you know you have to get on with it but some part of you just cannot get started.

It is always difficult for people suffering from procrastination to actually make an appointment…just go ahead and do it right NOW.

Using Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming in analysing your Representational System, i.e. how your mind processes and stores information to ensure the most effective form of communication, Hypnotherapy can help re-programme your unconscious mind to actually get on with what your conscious mind knows needs to be done. This will leave you feeling relieved and motivated and generally more confident in yourself and your abilities.

This is especially helpful for students who have homework, studying and revision to contend with. The sense of relief and freedom is palpable.

Hi Karen, I’m working at it and going in the right direction and it is certainly better than it was…I’m slowing getting through the longer term things on my list that need dealing with. Thanks for asking.

Neil, Loughton

” I am suffering from over-exuberance. … for the first time in forever, I feel as though there is some hope. I cannot tell you how great it feels to move from a state of quiet desperation to some kind of optimism”

David, Islington.

Hypnotherapy £100 per session.

Free initial ‘phone consultation.

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