Chocolate, Sugar or Junk Food Addiction

Do you find that one square of chocolate is just not enough; it has to be the whole bar? Are you finding that every day you have to have a ‘sweet’ of some sort? Can you go into a petrol station and ignore the display of chocolate bars and sweets? In other words are you addicted to sugar and junk food?

Don’t worry, it is not your fault, you are not weak-willed, I can help you overcome the mental and physical cravings that years of marketing and conditioning have created. Using Hypnotherapy I can help liberate you so that you to lose or reduce your desire for chocolate or sugar.

“Hi Karen. Yes I’ve been quite good!!! Haven’t touched wine gums and very little chocolate. Certainly not every day. I had a slice of a friends cake the other day and it tasted so sweet I didn’t finish it!!! That’s unheard of. So – good for me as I feel I can have it if I want but just don’t really want to. It was my birthday last week and I had couple of boxes of chocolate so I will give them away. If I feel I really want something then I have a chocolate and happy with max of two in a day. I’m still exercising, tennis/golf/Zumba Thank you for asking. J xxx

Joanne (32) Buckhurst Hill 27.10.17

“I just wanted to let you know that I don’t crave sugar like I used to; I no longer drink diet coke and pasta has gone from my life. Plus I’ve lost 7 inches, I feel so much better, thank you”
Caron, South Woodford 23.11.16

“Thank you Karen, I have achieved what I wanted to achieve, I have excluded junk food like sweets, desserts and cakes from my diet. I realise that eating that sort of stuff made me feel down, I actually felt anxious and got mood swings; I felt as if I was losing my willpower. You have really helped me, now I just don’t feel like buying cookies and that sort of rubbish anymore. I am focussed, I really enjoy my healthy meals and I feel so much more positive, happier and stronger plus I have more energy. I can have a slice or two of pizza or a glass of wine with no feeling of guilt. Everything is so much better.

Rosie, Loughton 21.03.16

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