Stop Smoking

The good news is Hypnotherapy is the most effect way to stop smoking.

The New Scientist undertook the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit and Hypnosis proved the most effective.

Do you really want to give up smoking but for some reason just cannot do it, have you tried and failed?

With smoking you have formed a smoking habit and habits are managed by your unconscious mind so it is very difficult to quit using willpower, Hypnotherapy can re-programme your unconscious to change the negative habit. The actual addictive craving only lasts a few days, it is the habit we find hard to break.

With my stop smoking plan I will re-programme your unconscious mind, provide supporting reading material and help you manage any anxiety or irritability.

“Its amazing, Karen, I haven’t smoked and it has been relatively easy. Normally, I would get in the car and start smoking; but I drove to you today and I didn’t have any desire to smoke. The thought of having a cigarette has entered my head but then just faded away. I’ve been trying to stop smoking for so long and wished I’d seen you sooner and not have had to struggle all this time, thank you”

Amie (30)  Waltham Abbey

“Last year was exceptionally hard for me. I started working with Karen when I decided to stop smoking and after 3 sessions with her I have given up for life. Then there were other aspects of my life I knew I needed to change and it all began with my mental and emotional balance. Karen has instilled so much strength in me not just through her work but by her advice and guidance throughout this journey. We then worked on letting go of a past relationship from which I suffered a low self esteem and mental trauma which lead to obsessive negative thoughts. I never thought I could break free from how I was feeling and change my behaviour but after 2 sessions with her it clicked and I can’t even express how powerful her therapy has been for me I genuinely do not feel any pain from this situation anymore and my behaviour has completely changed. After the letting go sessions we also worked on weight loss and my whole world took shape. I educated myself on nutrition to the point that I feel so free from diet mentality, a torturous trap I had been in throughout most of my life and I have lost 2. stone as a result. Now we are working on building up my confidence to go dating and wow I am already feeling the effects of her sessions taking shape in my way of thinking an behaving. Next I will be moving onto my relationship with alcohol and finally success with my career. She has completely transformed my life for the better. I knew I had to start from within to build myself up again but I definitely could not have fought this battle without Karen. I don’t regret a single penny I have spent on my sessions with her and I sincerely love her from the bottom of my heart for helping me gain my life back. It”s a gift not many people can give to others but she is the best, truly remarkable woman! Thank you so much Karen. Love you loads xxx”

Julie (35)  London

I feel really good, I’ve not smoked since the day I came to see you and I haven’t been bothered either. The odd thought of smoking has come into my head but I haven’t actually wanted to smoke. I also felt a lot calmer and less stressed, it has all been good, thank you.

Hans (39) Chingford

Don’t spend another day wasting your money and health.
“Just a quick note to say thanks again. 1 year on and still smoke free! Now started on the diabetes – low carb/high fat way of eating for 6 months. Bloods now normal and halved medication.”

Linda (65) smoker for 30 years Buckhurst Hill

‘It has been so easy to quit smoking, I have had no urge to smoke at all, the thought of a cigarette popped into my mind but then disappeared as quickly as it came. It is amazing, I have been out with friends who smoke and it hasn’t bothered me at all. And, as an added bonus I am sleeping so much better, I had only been getting around 3 hours sleep but since I have been coming to you I now sleep 7 to 8 hours a night and I feel so much better for it, thank you.’

Deepak (54), Woodford Green

“Hi Karen, I’ve been good I’ve stopped smoking, it’s six weeks now and my anxiety has completely changed, thank you for all your help.”

Jodie, Waltham Abbey

“After seeing you for hypnotherapy I have had no desire to smoke; it has been really easy. I have thought about cigarettes; I’ve thought I would normally have a cigarette when I get in the car or after a meal and then I think, well I’m a non-smoker now and that’s it, I have no urge to smoke and I haven’t had any cravings it has all been really easy, thank you.

Alix, Woodford Green

“Since my first session with you Karen I have had no cravings, no problems at all. I’m just no longer smoking. I think about smoking quite often actually but have no urge to smoke at all; it is more a case of remembering the old habit. It has all been quite easy”

Julie from Chingford 

“I started smoking when I was 19 years old, I have tried to give up many times over the years and now, since seeing you I haven’t smoked and not had the urge to smoke; it has all been very easy.”

Paul, Woodford Green

“As you know I came to you to successfully stop smoking last year and more recently to stop drinking, again with brilliant success and I wanted to let you know that I had a check up with the doctor last week and my blood pressure is normal after years of having high blood pressure – I’m so pleased”

Sharon, Essex

“Thank you very much. I have spoken to a few friends and they still don’t believe that it’s easy to give up (with your help, of course)…I couldn’t imagine myself being a non-smoker but you’ve made it happen for me…the best time and money I have ever spent. Thank you again X”

Tim, Wimbledon.

Hi Karen, I’m a non-smoker since I came to see you on 17th March…my family are pleased…I’ve listened to the recording…thank you”

Peter, Loughton

Hi Karen, It’s good thx. Day 8 today of being a non-smoker!! I walked past a group of girls smoking yesterday and it made me feel sick (the smell). That’s never happened before and I can honestly say I really don’t think I’ll smoke again as I feel so much better.

Laura, Essex

“It is great, after years of smoking up to 20 cigarettes a day I’ve never gone so long without smoking. I feel proud of myself; my daughter has commented that I’m not coughing in the mornings now and I already feel better. I seem to have so much more time in the day too as I’m not wasting it smoking now.”Laura, Woodford Green.“I am very pleased with the whole process; you’ve really helped me and I am very grateful. I will definitely recommend you.”

Stephen, Chingford.

“Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for encouraging me to do this and for your help with it all. And I will recommend you to others as you have really helped me xx”

Karen, Hainault  (Smoker since 14 years old)

“I can’t thank Karen enough for helping me, through hypnotherapy, to give up smoking and generally making me feel good despite difficult times – highly recommended!”

Maria, London

Stop Smoking Programme 3 session package £300, payable at the time of booking and is non-refundable

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