It is not easy being a teenager, is it? There are so many things to worry about, so many reasons to feel anxious and overthink, whether it be school, school work, revision, exams, friends, how you look, parents, the list goes on.

Do you suffer from anxiety? Do you get a horrible feeling in your stomach, feel sick, get sweaty palms, with your heart racing, mind going blank; any number of uncomfortable feelings?

Do you lack confidence and suffer from a low self-esteem? This can make it hard to speak up in class, talk to that old friend/relative your Mum wants you to chat to or just feel comfortable talking with your own friends.

Do you worry about what other people are thinking or saying about you? Has it become paranoia and the thoughts just keep going around in your head?

You may want to do well in school, with your exams but just can’t get yourself motivated to start work. Do you procrastinate and find you will do anything and everything, except get on with studying or revising?

How about taking exams themselves? A little bit of adrenaline is good prior to an exam, but when the nerves cause sweaty palms, a racing heart and a pure dread then it is counterproductive. Does your mind go blank and you just can’t remember everything you know? Do you panic? Do you feel the need to go to the loo even though you’ve just been? In other words, are your nerves spoiling your chances of the success you deserve?

Sometimes talking to someone neutral, in confidence* who won’t judge you can help. It may be that Hypnotherapy can help with unwanted habits and behaviours. Perhaps Mentoring can help you achieve your goals in the best way for you.

*All sessions are confidential and Karen will not disclose anything discussed without explicit approval or only in exceptional circumstances, for example if there was a serious risk of harm to yourself or others or it were unlawful to do otherwise.

Hi Karen, I want to thank you for being my Mentor through my A levels and coaching me for uni. as well as being there for me as someone neutral to talk to. You’ve helped me keep a calm focus and boosted my confidence over these past couple of years. As you know I got into Trinity College, Cambridge and couldn’t be happier, thank you so much for all your support. x”

Hana, South Woodford

“Hey Karen, yeah I’m been really good thank you, revising hard….My eczema has really cleared up.”

Rayne (18), Woodford Green

I am feeling so good now Karen, thank you. It is so great having a good night’s sleep at last and I have been waking up in the morning feeling really motivated to study. I’ve just got straight to revising and I’m actually really enjoying it. The anxiety has just disappeared, it feels like a miracle. I had been carrying it around for so long it almost feels strange to no longer feel anxious, it is such a relief.Georgia (17), Buckhurst Hill

Feel really good actually, and I’m not just saying that to reassure you, I’m eating really well, studying really well, so I feel very focused and motivated. And I haven’t had any anxiety or any lows on at least a week which is strange but good…thank you”

Tooba (16), Erith

Hi Karen, I just got and offer from Exeter and UEA! (24.02.16) …. I know I will be guaranteed a good night’s sleep from the tapes…I got an offer from Bath spa (26.02.16) which was the first audition after the session we did on managing pre-audition nerves and I’m so thankful

Odette (18), Chigwell 

I personally found my hypnotherapy session with Karen extremely beneficial. Designed to help with pre-exam nerves and anxiety before any musical performance, it fulfilled these criteria, as well as put my mind at ease, removing all tensions and present worries weighing me down at the time. I walked out of my session feeling calmer, relaxed, less stressed, and in turn, more confident about how I approached everyday tasks. I would therefore highly recommend Karen’s hypnotherapy sessions, for I can guarantee it will help you no matter what the session is for.”

Hana (17), Chigwell

 “Every time I have a session with Karen I feel invigorated, calm and collected. And I’m able to incorporate the helpful techniques she teaches me into daily life as much as possible”

Ramsey (17), Palmers Green

Hypnotherapy, Counselling and/or Mentoring £100 per session.

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