I was cynical before my first appointment, but Karen’s hypnotherapy has made the biggest difference, with the slightest effort and no sacrifice on my part. I’ve lost weight, I’ve stopped drinking, I sleep better, and generally speaking, feel so much more in control of my lifestyle. I’m loving my new diet and feeling so much more positive about my health. After years of prevarication and excuses, I cannot believe how simple, effective and permanent the process has been, and wish I’d found Karen years ago! Thank you!

Geraldine (52) Bishops Stortford

“Hi Karen, Hope u are well and enjoyed a good Christmas. I’m fine. Still doing my daily aqua workouts and dog walking and really enjoying the exercise and how good it makes me feel. I’m maintaining my 10 and a half stone and religiously listen to my recordings every night. I’m really looking forward to the new year and enjoying the slim healthy me. Thank you again for showing me how. Wishing u a very happy and healthy New Year. With very best wishes xx”

Lesley (58) Chingford

Karen, thank you for guiding me into a new way of looking at my life. After 30 years of having a really good buddy called booze, I’m now considering him far worse than a ‘frienemy’, which I never thought possible. Each day, at a time, with the support of your recordings and your recommended book, I see light ahead of me and not darkness. I feel an inner strength I did not expect to have so soon into this process. Now, its time for me to continue my journey and self reflection.
Through the recordings, I’ll feel your remote support along the way. However, I’ll miss our sessions and of course, the comfy chair!

Chris (42)  Hainault

“Its amazing, Karen, I haven’t smoked and it has been relatively easy. Normally, I would get in the car and start smoking; but I drove to you today and I didn’t have any desire to smoke. The thought of having a cigarette has entered my head but then just faded away. I’ve been trying to stop smoking for so long and wished I’d seen you sooner and not have had to struggle all this time, thank you”

Amie (30)  Waltham Abbey

“Last year was exceptionally hard for me. I started working with Karen when I decided to stop smoking and after 3 sessions with her I have given up for life. Then there were other aspects of my life I knew I needed to change and it all began with my mental and emotional balance. Karen has instilled so much strength in me not just through her work but by her advice and guidance throughout this journey. We then worked on letting go of a past relationship from which I suffered a low self esteem and mental trauma which lead to obsessive negative thoughts. I never thought I could break free from how I was feeling and change my behaviour but after 2 sessions with her it clicked and I can’t even express how powerful her therapy has been for me I genuinely do not feel any pain from this situation anymore and my behaviour has completely changed. After the letting go sessions we also worked on weight loss and my whole world took shape. I educated myself on nutrition to the point that I feel so free from diet mentality, a torturous trap I had been in throughout most of my life and I have lost 2. stone as a result. Now we are working on building up my confidence to go dating and wow I am already feeling the effects of her sessions taking shape in my way of thinking an behaving. Next I will be moving onto my relationship with alcohol and finally success with my career. She has completely transformed my life for the better. I knew I had to start from within to build myself up again but I definitely could not have fought this battle without Karen. I don’t regret a single penny I have spent on my sessions with her and I sincerely love her from the bottom of my heart for helping me gain my life back. It”s a gift not many people can give to others but she is the best, truly remarkable woman! Thank you so much Karen. 

love you loads xxx”

Julie (35)  London

I’ve been feeling really calm. I’ve experienced all sorts of situations that would have triggered anger where I would have gone into a rage but that did just not happen, I’ve felt so calm the whole time, it has been great.

Jason (48)  Woodford

“My first session with Karen was August 2016 and my only regret is why did I not see her before! My weight has yo-yoed all my adult life and when I say yo-yoed I mean a few stone (5 at the max) not a few pounds here and there. Those of you who share this affliction know how demoralising this is, all the zeal and focus to lose the weight and when you do the panic of “what do I do now?”. Inevitably the weight goes back on and then some. I tried everything including Lighter Life (twice) where my hair fell out (twice) and every other diet out there. I had not resorted to surgery but that was next on my list until a very good friend recommended Karen. If you are reading this then you are considering hypnotherapy; all I would say is give it a go, You have nothing to lose except excess weight and free yourself from the diet trap. I am not saying I am perfect now but I have lost weight, I am a size 10-12 and will never be on a “diet” ever again. In fact I think like a slim person now, after a dinner out I automatically cut back the next day and eat “clean”. Having hypnotherapy has given me a freedom from dieting which I never thought I would have – what are you waiting for!”
Debs (56) Wanstead

I feel really good, I’ve not smoked since the day I came to see you and I haven’t been bothered either. The odd thought of smoking has come into my head but I haven’t actually wanted to smoke. I also felt a lot calmer and less stressed, it has all been good, thank you.

Hans (39) Chingford

“Just a quick note to say thanks again. 1 year on and still smoke free! Now started on the diabetes – low carb/high fat way of eating for 6 months. Bloods now normal and halved medication.”

Linda (65) smoker for 30 years Buckhurst Hill 

“Hi Karen. Yes I’ve been quite good!!! Haven’t touched wine gums and very little chocolate. Certainly not every day. I had a slice of a friends cake the other day and it tasted so sweet I didn’t finish it!!! That’s unheard of. So – good for me as I feel I can have it if I want but just don’t really want to. It was my birthday last week and I had couple of boxes of chocolate so I will give them away. If I feel I really want something then I have a chocolate and happy with max of two in a day. I’m still exercising, tennis/golf/Zumba Thank you for asking. J xxx

Joanne (32) Buckhurst Hill

Dear Karen
It’s been three months now since I last had a drink and we started my life changing program, apologies if that sounds rather dramatic but it actually is. You have changed my life completely. I know you say it’s a joint effort but without you it would never have happened. And for that I’m truly great full.
When I first came to see you for a consolation I was dipping my toe in the water regarding giving up the alcohol. I think the first thing I said is I’d lose so many friends. I haven’t lost them I just haven’t the patients to be around them when they are drunk.
Drinking was a massive part of my life for such a long time I didn’t know if I’d cope. Looking back I wonder how I did cope with the heavy drinking. The destruction it was causing in so many areas of my life for so many years, I’m amazed I’m still here in all honesty. And I’m amazed how friends and family actually had the patience to put up with me.
With your help it wasn’t a quick fix it was a wonderful journey on taking a good hard look at myself and getting to know like and respect myself.
It wasn’t intense it was just being honest with myself and taking a look at where I was heading. I looked forward to our sessions and Iv missed not seeing you. You never judged me and I never shocked you I shed heaps of tears and told you my worst fears.
And look at me now changed diet I’m at the gym and a part time job.
I never considered myself a alcoholic but I had a drink problem for sure otherwise why did I visit you? Obviously needed a push in the right direction.
I could go on and on as I can get carried away once I start blogging.
I just wanted to let you know and for you to put this on your website to let people know I’m living proof of how amazing you truly are. Myself and my family thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Love and best wishes

Jacky (57) Loughton 

Greetings from Jeddah , Karen . Just thought I’d share that I’ve just tried on a new work skirt I’ve been unable to wear & its been lying in my bag , it’s is now too loose . ????I’m still not my goal weight . But happy in the direction I’m going . Still not drinking I’m about to order new uniform ! ????thanks for the part you play/played X

Morag (48) Air-hostess Hockley 

“Good morning Karen
Just to keep you posted I’m doing so well in myself with the drinking and eating feeling so positive in both areas… You have helped me come a long way my darling I know it’s early days three weeks Monday no drink and it’s truly not a problem I’m amazed along with the rest of my family and friends. When Iv given up before the craving was always there, it just dies not enter my head now.
I seriously can’t thank you enough you will never know the trouble and states Iv got myself into over the years totally ashamed of myself all through drink. Disgraceful behaviour if only I’d found you years ago.
Anyway onwards and upwards.
Enjoy your weekend see you Wednesday I look forward to our sessions I said you would have me for a wile 😂
Jacky xxx”

Jacky (57) Woodford Green 

“I’ve lost over 2 stones, I don’t know how as I’ve just eaten what I want, when I want”

Pam (63) Woodford Green 

‘It has been so easy to quit smoking, I have had no urge to smoke at all, the thought of a cigarette popped into my mind but then disappeared as quickly as it came. It is amazing, I have been out with friends who smoke and it hasn’t bothered me at all. And, as an added bonus I am sleeping so much better, I had only been getting around 3 hours sleep but since I have been coming to you I now sleep 7 to 8 hours a night and I feel so much better for it, thank you.’

Deepak (54), Woodford Green

“As you know I am a lorry driver and when I first came to you I was so scared of heights and bridges that I hadn’t been able to cross the QE2 bridge for about 10 years; I had been driving miles out of my way and adding hours to my day. I would say I was 20% of being able to cross the Dartford bridge, since seeing you all that has changed, I crossed it every day last week. I still felt a little bit but nothing like the racing heart, sweaty palms and horrible feeling in my gut that I used to get, I now think of those feelings as excitement, excitement at being able to drive across the bridge. I would say that I am now 70% of feeling comfortable crossing the bridge. I thought I would never be able to drive across, but thanks to you, I have.”

Dean (50), Loughton

‘I would like to thank you so much for helping me Karen, although I came to you to help me stop drinking, which I have achieved, there have been some other massive benefits too. My stress levels have improved so much, I’m just not angry any more and I now sleep so deeply, when I wake up I feel so refreshed, that never happened before. I am so grateful, you have improved my life so much, thank you.’
Anna (37)  Woodford Green

‘I have really slowed down my eating, I now put the cutlery down between each mouthful and chew and chew, taking so much time to eat…and I just don’t feel hungry as I used to, my appetite has really gone down…it’s brilliant and I’m astounded. Even my cravings for something sweet is going. Oh yes, I’ve left food on my plate too, which is unheard of, I really don’t want that stuffed, overfull feeling, so I eat slowly and I’m actually consciously aware of the feeling of the message telling me it’s time to stop eating, it is so good, thank you’

Mandy (38), Buckhurst Hill

“It has been very good, I’ve had no urge to eat or drink anything unhealthy, no snacking or rubbish at all. I even tried to test myself with my children’s food but wasn’t tempted. When I went out for dinner I didn’t fancy bread and made healthy choices because I wanted to rather than feel I should. It has been so easy.”

Karen (45), Buckhurst Hill

“When I first came to you I was in a terrible state I was scared, there was terror inside me all of the time, I felt sick, I was just swept over with negative thoughts and feelings. My heart would race and I felt I couldn’t breathe, it felt like a claustrophobia in my mind and my nerves were jittery. But now I am sleeping so much better and I feel ‘normal’ again. I feel so much happier within myself and my friends have noticed the difference. I am back to my old self; I feel I have got my personality back and I now love going to the gym, it is such a huge change, thank you so much.”

Chloe (20), Loughton

“I am feeling so much better, thank you Karen. Often, I would panic in crowded places but last weekend I went to Faces (nightclub) and didn’t feel that usual fear, I didn’t get the sweaty hands or racing heart, it was great, such a relief. Also, I’ve felt confident enough to do what I want and not just agree to things to please people, I’m feeling good, thank you.”
Olivia (21), Wanstead 

“Hi Karen, I’m very well thanks having just got back from a hols in Spain. Sleeping well, which is great…thank you Karen you have been a wonderful help and I am sure I will be back when I need a ‘top up’. Enjoy your weekend.”

Sharon, Buckhurst Hill

“Hi Karen, I’ve been good I’ve stopped smoking, it’s six weeks now and my anxiety has completely changed, thank you for all your help.”

Jodie, Waltham Abbey

“I’m really pleased as I didn’t think it would work so quickly, I just don’t fancy drinking alcohol any more. It crossed my mind once that I might fancy a beer but then it passed, it has been so easy, thank you very much.”

Jay, Ilford

“Hi Karen, I want to thank you for being my Mentor through my A levels and coaching me for uni. as well as being there for me as someone neutral to talk to. You’ve helped me keep a calm focus and boosted my confidence over these past couple of years. As you know I got into Trinity College, Cambridge and couldn’t be happier, thank you so much for all your support. x”

Hana, South Woodford

“I just wanted to let you know that I don’t crave sugar like I used to; I no longer drink diet coke and pasta has gone from my life. Plus I’ve lost 7 inches, I feel so much better, thank you”
Caron, South Woodford 

Hi Karen, I’m working at it and going in the right direction and it is certainly better than it was…I’m slowing getting through the longer term things on my list that need dealing with. Thanks for asking.

Neil, Loughton

I’m really pleased as I didn’t think it would work so quickly, I just don’t fancy drinking alcohol any more. It crossed my mind once that I might fancy a beer but then it passed, it has been so easy, thank you very much.”

Jay, Ilford

“Ur magic is working, every time I eat my mind orders me to eat less…Im eating 50% less, have not eaten bread, roti, naan etc”

Arfan, Ilford

Karen, it is wonderful I no longer eat, or want to eat bread, potatoes, pasta, cakes or biscuits. If I am not hungry I don’t even think about food, it just doesn’t bother me any more. I’m swimming, walking to work now and going to the gym twice a week, my whole life has changed for the better and it has been so easy, having lost so much weight is great, I feel great.”

Davina from Epping

“It was really strange I did not have any nerves what so ever and thought before answering any questions I should find out today or early next week if I get invited back for second round interviews.”
Jo got the job!

Jo, Woodford

‘Hi Karen, I am good. I quit drinking, not struggling at all. I am getting better day by day. Eating good….All because of you’

Fehmina, Erith 

“I was so scared of flying I couldn’t even book a flight, since seeing you I’ve booked the flights for a big holiday and feel fine about it. It is such a relief, thank you Karen”

Hazel, Buckhurst Hill

‘Feel quite happy, relaxed and refreshed after listening to the recording; it’s such an improvement on how I was feeling before, thank you’

David, Woodford Green 

‘All anxiety has gone. I listen to the audio every night usually twice a night…What you have done for me is amazing not only has my anxiety gone but my emotions have come back I can now move forward with my life, thanks to you.’

Paul, Chadwell Heath 

Hey Karen, yeah I’m been really good thank you, revising hard…..My eczema has really cleared up.

Rayne (18), Woodford Green

‘Hi Karen, Little update. Played tennis Mon and today feel a little better. Sleep much better.”[1 week later] “Hi Karen, I felt the most calm last night and had a good night’s sleep despite a disturbance during the night when a drunk rang on the doorbell, I felt calm and let it all wash over me. Still feel good now. I look forward to the new me!”

Andy from Chigwell 

“Feel really good actually, and I’m not just saying that to reassure you, I’m eating really well, studying really well, so I feel very focused and motivated. And I haven’t had any anxiety or any lows on at least a week which is strange but good…thank you”

Tooba (16), Erith 

“Hi Karen, without wanting to jinx myself I haven’t eaten any chocolate, biscuits or crisps and left a petrol station with just a receipt for petrol (definitely a first!)…have been eating healthier for sure”

 Dina, Chingford

“Dear Karen, Just a quick note to say thank you for the recent sessions to quell pre-interview nerves. It was a real defining moment in my career and your guidance ensued I was able to remain focused on the day and secure the position.
Really invaluable experience and shall certainly recommend your unique and professional service to others. Kindest regards

Name Supplied, Wanstead

“I am feeling so good now Karen, thank you. It is so great having a good night’s sleep at last and I have been waking up in the morning feeling really motivated to study. I’ve just got straight to revising and I’m actually really enjoying it. The anxiety has just disappeared, it feels like a miracle. I had been carrying it around for so long it almost feels strange to no longer feel anxious, it is such a relief.

Georgia (17), Buckhurst Hill

“After seeing you for hypnotherapy I have had no desire to smoke; it has been really easy. I have thought about cigarettes; I’ve thought I would normally have a cigarette when I get in the car or after a meal and then I think, well I’m a non-smoker now and that’s it, I have no urge to smoke and I haven’t had any cravings it has all been really easy, thank you.”

Alix, Woodford Green

“Thank you Karen, I have achieved what I wanted to achieve, I have excluded junk food like sweets, desserts and cakes from my diet. I realise that eating that sort of stuff made me feel down, I actually felt anxious and got mood swings; I felt as if I was losing my willpower. You have really helped me, now I just don’t feel like buying cookies and that sort of rubbish anymore. I am focussed, I really enjoy my healthy meals and I feel so much more positive, happier and stronger plus I have more energy. I can have a slice or two of pizza or a glass of wine with no feeling of guilt. Everything is so much better.

Rosie, Loughton 

“Hi Karen, I just got and offer from Exeter and UEA! (24.02.16)….I know I will be guaranteed a good night’s sleep from the tapes…I got an offer from Bath spa (26.02.16) which was the first audition after the session we did on managing pre-audition nerves and I’m so thankful”

Odette, Chigwell 

“Since my first session with you Karen I have had no cravings, no problems at all. I’m just no longer smoking. I think about smoking quite often actually but have no urge to smoke at all; it is more a case of remembering the old habit. It has all been quite easy”

Julie from Chingford 

“Hi Karen, Still scratching a bit but certainly not as bad as it was, thanks. [2 weeks later] “Hi Karen, am feeling relaxed ad much less itchy thanks. No longer have the daily cycle so will try to reduce the medication I’m on gradually to see how it goes. I’d like to come off both sets of meds.” [2 weeks on] “Do you know what? I hardly itch at all now. I’ve halved m antihistamines and aim to get down to one a day (my normal dose for summer) and I’m often only moisturising once a day. Next stop is giving up the amatryptiline! Dead impressed”

Mary, Buckhurst Hill

“I started smoking when I was 19 years old, I have tried to give up many times over the years and now, since seeing you I haven’t smoked and not had the urge to smoke; it has all been very easy.”

Paul, Woodford Green

“As you know I came to you to successfully stop smoking last year and more recently to stop drinking, again with brilliant success and I wanted to let you know that I had a check up with the doctor last week and my blood pressure is normal after years of having high blood pressure – I’m so pleased”

Sharon, Essex 

“Hi Karen, it’s been such a good day! I woke up for the first time before an audition feeling positive and looking forward to the day and armed with a banana I found I could be totally relaxed in my audition! I cannot thank you enough I am so happy this has worked X”

Odette, Chigwell

“I love sport and watching sport, and for as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to have a bet on the horses or football and then it progressed to gambling on-line with on-line poker and the amounts got serious, I’ve got a £40,000 debt just through gambling that my wife doesn’t know about. I was desperate. Since coming to see you I’ve barred myself from the sites. I still enjoy watching sport but have felt no compulsion or yearning to bet absolutely no urge at all. I’ve never gone this long without gambling before. I feel really good and very pleased with myself. I feel free”

Dave, Chigwell 

“It is a few weeks now since I finished my final session with Karen and I am still, slowly but surely, dropping weight. At first, I was sceptical about the success of Hypnotherapy helping me to finally change my lifelong eating habits but IT WORKS! I can eat what I fancy but no longer want large portions of food and no longer like sugary drinks or crave sweets, cakes and chocolate! Years of yoyo “dieting” , choosing low calorie options and guzzling diet coke has come to an end. If I want a diet coke I will have one but, do you know, it tastes awful! Amazing how the mind works! I am so pleased I overcame my doubts and went ahead with the eight week programme with Karen. Not only have I seen and felt the difference, I sleep really well too and am able to ‘relax’ whereas I would previously worry and stress! Thanks so much Karen. To think, we managed all of this success over 200 miles apart – via FaceTime/Skype! Wonderful success I’d say!”

Elaine, Cheshire 

“I am so pleased with the results of my 3 sessions of Hypnotherapy . I was suffering from insomnia and anxiety,  felt constantly tired as well as stressed and anxious most of the time. I am an aspiring actress and also found auditions nerve racking. Now all that has changed. I now sleeps well every night. At my audition on Saturday I felt totally calm with no nerves and was totally in the zone and gave best performance. I didn’t worry about anyone around watching me perform and just felt very relaxed. In life generally I now feel relaxed, and so very relieved, I can hardly believe the transformation. One very happy lady”

Odette, Chigwell

“I was feeling miserable and anxious and I didn’t want to spend my life feeling like that. You have really helped Karen, I listen to the CD every morning and it really helps. I am so much happier now, thank you very much.”

Margaret, Buckhurst Hill

“Morning Karen. Well I went to sleep after listening to the tape. Felt very relaxed. I woke up to the sound of a fox screeching in the garden, hubby coughing like crazy with his bloody ‘man flu’. I felt cross until I looked at the clock – 7am!! I have never slept through the night since I was a child. Happy happy Friday xxx

Lisa, Chigwell

“I’m very good thanks. Had a brilliant Christmas. Am very active and busy. Sleeping very well. Using the tape. All good.”

Sarah (not her real name), Hainault

“Margaret had her first Hypnotherapy session for anxiety about a week ago and said “Hi Karen, I can’t believe how much better I feel. See you on Monday. Thank you so much. I listen to the CD every day, it really help.x

Margaret, Buckhurst Hill 02.01.16

“I would like to thank you – iv had a lovely Christmas, birthday and New Year – iv woken up today feeling great and looking great – i feel like not only do i have my life back but its better in every way – thank you so very much and a very happy and wonderful New Year to you xXx”

 Jane, Chigwell 

“Hi Karen, it has been over a month now since I first came to you, I wasn’t an alcoholic, I never woke up and wanted a drink, for example but I found myself drinking wine far too regularly and sometimes, once I started I couldn’t stop. I would often act in a way I wasn’t happy with and also forgot what I said and did. Now all that has changed, I no longer drink and, better still, I just don’t fancy a drink either. I can go out to social events and it doesn’t bother me that everyone else is slowly getting sloshed! Thank you so much, I feel liberated; I am enjoying a sense of freedom and it is great.”

Jane (not her real name), Chigwell.

“Hi Karen, I am consciously not eating so much and consciously not wanting to eat so much. I have simply stopped eating biscuits in the evening, as you know I used to eat up to a packet a night. When I was away in Cornwall I had half of a Cornish pasty, it would have been unheard of to leave it in the past. I went out to dinner the other day and didn’t have pudding and I actually didn’t want it either. I thought, I could have it if I want but I just didn’t want it. Now I do not want the feeling of being stuffed, the idea of being bloated is horrible and so I have broken the habit formed over many years and I am happy to leave stuff on my plate and that’s almost a miracle!”

Ann, Loughton.

For years I have suffered from insomnia, sometimes I would get a few hours sleep, sometimes I would lay awake, dip into sleep for a couple of minutes then wake up again, usually I would fall asleep around 6am when I was due to get up. It left me feeling exhausted during the day. After the Hypnotherapy I now go to sleep easily and sleep all the way through, it is amazing and I feel so much better.

Pearl, Buckhurst Hill.

“I have suffered from menopausal hot flushes since my early 40s and now I am in my 60s, I had about 20 flushes a day, then I would have a week of intense flushes all over my torso. The night sweats left me dripping and were so bad that I had to put a towel on the sheet to soak up the sweat. I don’t know if it was the flushes or life in general but I also felt stressed. I have tried a lot of different herbal remedies but nothing has worked to any extent until the hypnotherapy and I am so relieved that they have reduced dramatically almost to the point a stopping completely, sometimes I feel some heat rising and then it just disappears, it is fantastic, such a relief.”

Pearl, Buckhurst Hill.

“Thank you very much. I have spoken to a few friends and they still don’t believe that it’s easy to give up (with your help, of course)…I couldn’t imagine myself being a non-smoker but you’ve made it happen for me…the best time and money I have ever spent. Thank you again X”

Tim, Wimbledon.

” I am making good food choices, loving the gym (never thought those words would come out of my mouth!) and am losing weight. I am so much happier than I have been in a long time. This has all been due to receiving hypnotherapy (and friendship) from the lovely Karen Boxall. I am so grateful to her. If you need help in any area of your life she is the woman for the job! Xxx”

Sue, Chigwell.

” I am suffering from over-exuberance. … for the first time in forever, I feel as though there is some hope. I cannot tell you how great it feels to move from a state of quiet desperation to some kind of optimism”

David, Islington.

“My son left his choc brioche roll this morning. Normally I would polish this off…But not today!!! yay …I can’t believe it. The first time I’ve resisted them, I normally wait for him to leave some as I’m rather partial to them!! I found more pleasure putting it in the bin #cured!!X”

Marianne, Loughton.

“My whole frame of mind has changed, I am not on a diet and there is no longer that obsession with food. If I want to have something I can, for example if I fancy chips I just have 2 or 3 and that is fine. All my life I have yoyoed with diets and for the first time I’m free; I just don’t feel like that anymore.”

Carol, Chingford.

“I cannot believe it, I went on holiday for two weeks and still lost weight; normally I would have put on at least half a stone. I don’t think about chocolate anymore I haven’t eaten chocolate or biscuits for months.”

Gill, Chigwell Row

Hi Karen, I’m a non-smoker since I came to see you on 17th March…my family are pleased…I’ve listened to the recording…thank you”

Peter, Loughton

Hi Karen, It’s good thx. Day 8 today of being a non-smoker!! I walked past a group of girls smoking yesterday and it made me feel sick (the smell). That’s never happened before and I can honestly say I really don’t think I’ll smoke again as I feel so much better.

Laura, Essex

“Hi Karen, I have been a lot more positive; something is definitely different; haven’t been obsessing over things half as much. I actually enjoyed my weekend for a change instead of going over and over stuff. Have been listening everyday to the tape…listening to the tape really helps me…I cannot change someone else, only myself”

Kelly, Upminster

“It is great, after years of smoking up to 20 cigarettes a day I’ve never gone so long without smoking. I feel proud of myself; my daughter has commented that I’m not coughing in the mornings now and I already feel better. I seem to have so much more time in the day too as I’m not wasting it smoking now.”

Laura, Woodford Green

“I am very pleased with the whole process; you’ve really helped me (to stop smoking) and I am very grateful. I will definitely recommend you.”

Stephen, London.

“Hi Karen ….It (the hypnotherapy) made a massive difference I’m so impressed I qualified 2nd out of 28 riders to put me in to the world championships made to the 1/8 finals, I am placed 13th overall in world championships which I’m more than happy with….. Thank you very much for your help.”

Stephen, Chingford

“Thank you Karen. …I’m doing well – regular gym 4 times a week – will be more during school holidays obviously!!  And walking to and from school four times a week. Really enjoying getting my body moving and feel so positive about exercise – which, quite frankly, I don’t think I have ever been before! I am still making better food choices without being obsessive.  Having said that certain rubbish foods have lost their appeal for me, and I will feel hungry rather than eat rubbish.  I am definitely eating less.….can definitely feel my body is more toned (less wobble in the Aqua class!) and clothes are fitting better, my belly is going down ….So, all in all, very positive, very happy and so very grateful to you.  I’m so glad I found you!!”

Sue, Loughton.

“I’ve been good…lost 6lbs (in the last 2 weeks). Done lots of gardening, walking and swing ball this week…much to my son’s delight. Hoping to start aqua zumba next week. Its fantastic, I know I’m actually starting to feel like me again…it feels great”

Tracey,  Buckhurst Hill


“It has been like a switch in my mind, I am not thinking about food the whole time now; life doesn’t revolve around food any more. It is like a revelation, I have never, ever been like this before.”

Stephanie, Chingford

Hi Karen, good thanks. Have felt much more upbeat and certainly eaten less and moved more…been swimming … which I’m v proud of! I’ve still eaten a few small treats … but overall I have found it reasonably easy to not eat cheese/biscuits/cake all of which have been on offer …. Am cutting portion size, finding it much harder to chew for longer and put cutlery down, I fear I’ve been a chain eater for long while so I must keep practicing. Despite this I have still been last to finish! Now for the weekend, will be harder, but plan to see if my poor old knee us up to a walk in the forest. ..Thanks for the encouragement. My usual Saturday fry-up was replaced with tomato, mushroom and courgette and it still felt like a treat! x

Julia, Epping

“I’ve been pretty good since Thursday. Listened to you again last night and have been reading the book. Haven’t had anything to drink, although I have thought about it a lot, part of me wants to, but the thought of actually drinking it makes me feel sick…..it does feel strange not having anything tonight I must admit.  However, I went shopping today and didn’t even consider buying myself anything…

Tracey, Essex.

I have been on so many diets over the years and now I know I am not on a diet anymore. I find I am not eating as much, I don’t want the wrong things, rather than thinking I can’t have the wrong things and I just don’t feel hungry like I used to. I really feel I am on the right track.”

Carol, Chingford.

“It’s amazing!  My whole outlook has changed, now I eat fruit as a snack and it fulfils me. I still cannot get over it; I lost 4lbs this week.”

Gill, Essex.

I cannot believe how good I feel it just seems too good to be true. I have been binging for as long as I can remember and now I haven’t binged at all. The constant internal battle has stopped and I am no longer constantly consumed with thinking about food.”

Kerry, Epping.

“I am seeing Karen for the 8 session weightloss package and it is working. In the past, every night after dinner I couldn’t stop myself eating sweet stuff; and now, I cannot believe it but I don’t even think about it anymore. I find myself eating very slowly, and for breakfast I couldn’t manage a second slice of toast! This weekend I walked over 13 miles, I chose fruit for a snack instead of the usual sweets. My life is changing for the better. Thank you

Gill, Chigwell Row.

Thank you for the session, I actually feel loads better, u have really helped me and I am so grateful 🙂

Karen, Roding Valley

“I came to see Karen last year but…didn’t follow her instructions and so I didn’t really benefit from our initial sessions. Then, however, after hearing about how Karen helped a friend give up smoking and chocolate I decided to see Karen again – this time to help me give up crisps and I’m absolutely delighted to say that I have followed Karen’s easy instructions and have now kicked the habit”

Iream, Ilford

“Two weeks ago I came to you and still haven’t had chocolate, not that I haven’t thought about it. …I haven’t missed a night of listening to your recording…Thank you.”

Brenda, Woodford Green.

“I just wanted to let you know that I already feel so much happier and lighter (emotionally and physically). It is nice to be back in control of my eating and making healthier choices. I am so excited to be slimmer and to reach my goal weight at some point in the future. I am looking at clothes that I WILL fit into again with anticipation and not dread. …and the excitement I will be feeling to tell you how much weight I have lost!! Karen you have already changed my life. Thank you.”

Sue, Loughton.

“Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for encouraging me to do this and for your help with it all. And I will recommend you to others as you have really helped me xx”

Karen, Hainault  (Smoker since 14 years old)

At first I was a bit skeptical about seeing a Hypnotherapist but I am so pleased that I visited Karen. After each session I feel fabulous, she helped get my mind in the right place and put things into perspective. My advice to anyone considering it.…go ahead, you won’t regret it.

Sara, Essex

“As a complete newcomer to hypnotherapy, I was curious but also quite apprehensive before my first session with Karen; however she was so calm, clear and gentle throughout the whole process that I soon felt completely at ease with her.  I am delighted with the results of the hypnotherapy and feel that so far it has been very successful in achieving my goals!  Thank you Karen!”

Maria, London

“As a G.P….I found the tailor-made sessions with Karen relaxing and enjoyable…helped me achieve the right frame of mind to maintain weightloss, so far 12lbs over 4 weeks.”

Dr KC, Abridge

“Whenever I leave after a session with Karen I am ready to take on the world. I have found inner strength and positivity and feel I can tackle anything and anyone”

Hazel, Ongar

“I personally found my hypnotherapy session with Karen extremely beneficial. Designed to help with pre-exam nerves and anxiety before any musical performance, it fulfilled this criteria, as well as put my mind at ease, removing all tensions and present worries weighing me down at the time. I walked out of my session feeling calmer, relaxed, less stressed, and in turn, more confident about how I approached everyday tasks. I would therefore highly recommend Karen’s hypnotherapy sessions, for I can guarantee it will help you no matter what the session is for.”

Hana (17) Chigwell

 “Every time I have a session with Karen I feel invigorated, calm and collected. And I’m able to incorporate the helpful techniques she teaches me into daily life as much as possible”

Ramsey (17) Palmers Green

I approached Karen because of a fear of flying which took the enjoyment out of my holidays. Karen helped me and after just one visit I found that I now fly completely relaxed without any worry at all. I found the whole experience amazing .Karen was wonderful and I would definitely recommend her.”

Nicola, Chelmsford

“I have been visiting Karen for help with my weight loss. Firstly Karen is very professional but still has a personal touch. The environment that the hypnotherapy was undertaken was calm and comfortable.  After 4 sessions of hypnotherapy I feel that I have changed my eating habit for the long term, not just a quick fix. She has also supported me during the sessions by lending me books and sending me encouraging texts .I would recommend Karen to anybody who is considering hypnotherapy, and not just for weight loss.”

Sarah, Writtle

“I have had several hypnotherapy sessions with Karen. After establishing what I wanted to achieve, she tailor-made the sessions for my requirements. The sessions were relaxing, and the amazing thing was the positive feelings stayed with me. I was not aware on a conscious level why I felt positive, but I simply felt more positive and good about myself.”

Yasmine, South Woodford

“I can’t thank Karen enough for helping me, through hypnotherapy, to give up smoking and generally making me feel good despite difficult times – highly recommended!”

Maria, London

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