Terms & Conditions

  • This is a three-way contract between the young person (YP) under 18 years old, the parent or guardian (from now referred to as ‘parent’) and the therapist.

    Both YP and parent consent to the YP participating in therapy sessions provided by the therapist.

    Sessions are 50 minutes. If for any reason you are late for a session, the therapist will see the YP for the duration of the remainder but will be unable to work beyond the allotted time.

    YP agrees to inform the therapist of any changes to the YP’s circumstances or medical status that may affect their ability to participate fully in sessions.

    It is natural for the parent to want to know what is going on; it is, however, important that sessions remain confidential and the contents of which, will not be discussed by the therapist, with the parent.
    Confidentiality would only be breached is the therapist believed it necessary, for example if there was serious risk of harm to the YP or someone else; a safe-guarding issue; if there was a legal obligation or if the YP gave their consent.

    Walk & Talk Therapy
    Please confirm that you accept the following:
    You are physically able to walk for 50 minutes over uneven terrain and gradients.
    Because we shall be outside, this type of therapy is less secure in terms of confidentiality.
    You should wear suitable clothing and footwear.
    The therapist is not liable for any trips, falls or injuries sustained.
    There are no toilet facilities en route.
    If the weather is bad, or if you or the Therapist, prefers, the session may take place inside.

    Information of the sessions will be shared with the therapist’s Clinical Supervisor.

    BACP membership number: 896758 and abides by their ethical standards

    Karen Boxall (under LibraG) is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office. Reference:
    ZA234430 and adheres to the relevant Data Protection regulations.

    Fees: £100 Counselling & Mentoring: 50 minutes / Hypnotherapy: 60 minutes

    Payment is due when booking the appointment and at each preceding appointment.
    Cancellation policy: Full fee applies

    Please note: Please do not arrive early as there is no waiting room for early arrival or guests.


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