What is Walk & Talk Therapy?

You arrive for a session, as usual, and if all is okay, we will walk, at your pace, for the session, rather than sitting on the sofa in the cabin.

We all know that exercise is good for us and makes us feel better.

Being in nature has huge benefits, the Japanese call it Shinrin-yoku, which means, forest bathing.

The science…

…trees release a chemical called Phytoncide, research shows the benefits* are:

  • lower cortisol
  • slower heart rate
  • lower blood pressure
  • greater activity of parasympathetic nerves (fight or flight)
  • less depression & hostility (Japan)
  • helps control blood sugar (Japan diabetics)
  • better concentration (USA ADHD)
  • diminished pain (Johns Hopkins Uni)
  • improved immunity (Japan)
  • increased anti-cancer cells
  • lower stress hormone, adrenaline and nora-adrenalin

*3 x 2hour monthly sessions

Have a look at the Walk & Talk part of the contract to see if this is for you.


Walk & Talk £100 per session

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